My background is insurance and reinsurance, with responsibilities for business all over the world. I have sold and taught insurance and reinsurance and am still very much involved with these activities.

For most of us the first contact with insurance takes place when we have to buy a compulsory motor insurance policy. This is not exactly the way to an enjoyable relationship with insurance companies. However, insurance is better than its reputation. For a long time I have been looking for ways and means to make insurance more acceptable, if not more popular, with the public at large. In October 2008, at Shanghai airport, I found two books for children which showed me the way! In a matter of weeks, I wrote 12 stories about the notion of risk and the beginning of insurance.

Back in Switzerland, a friend of ours advised me to contact Catherine Louis, a well-known illustrator. Unfortunately, she had no time to spend on my stories but agreed to help as a consultant. She said that my stories should be rewritten in a style fit for children and suggested that Marie Sellier, Paris, would be the person to work with. As a matter of fact, Marie rewrote the 12 stories which in the meantime have been translated into many other languages.

Then, another friend said I should talk to Pierre Thomé, head of the only school of illustrators in Switzerland. Pierre accepted to lead the project. At the same time, Gaby Schuler, a former student of Pierre's, created DVDs.

Later on, we decided to write about insurance crime. The Sasha series was born with Colin Thibert as author and Mattias Leutwyler as illustrator.

The "Pearls" were "lent" us by the French Federation of Insurance companies and illustrated in her very special way by Catherine Louis.

Then, Lilian Caprez agreed to create pictures for the two technical stories written by Marie Sellier. For both artists, it was not an easy task to try and describe how insurance works!

Last but not least, we decided to design games for children. Some of them can be played with cards, others on portable devices or computers.

The copyright of the books is with the Sacha Foundation.

Pierre Perrenoud