Legendary Adventures, 12 different Historical Stories on Video

Highway robbers, fires, storms, battles, pirates, but also ingenuity, solidarity, comradeship: an apprenticeship of the notion of risk and insurance through the ages starting in the Prehistory in China to Old Rome and Herculaneum in Italy, Babylon Egypt, the Phoenicians in Cadiz, to Aventicum in Switzerland and the great fire of 1666 in London.   

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Risky and the bearskin – V1

A story from the Stone Age, Lascaux, 15000 BCE, when hunters were dominating life and risks! There lived a strong, very enterprising young hunter. Read about Risky’s adventure to hunt for the biggest bear and impress the girl he loves. 

Chen the potter – V2

Ever heard about the Daxi culture and their famous pottery? This story brings us back to China, 3500 BCE wherein the beautiful region of Wu lived a man called Chen with ambitious plans to market his pottery. 

Abban learns the law – V3

Babylon in ancient Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq, 1755 BCE. Abban doesn’t want to be at school; instead, he’d rather mingle with the merchants, busy unloading their rolls of fabric and jars of wine straight from their travels to Syria. 

Anty the scribe wants peace – V4

Let us bring you to Amarna, Egypt, 1345 BCE, where there is only sand and dust. Anty, the scribe tells us about the celestial view of his queen, the ineffable Nefertiti, the freshness of the Nile, the sweetness of its banks and much more!

Demetrios & the wasps – V5

Demetrios suffers from dyslexia, something people didn’t even know it exists in the times of Athens, 423 BC. His mother suffers from his poor performance and stammering when he is nervous. But there is the famous poet Aristophanes to help him become a great speaker!

Hanno’s voyage – V6

Hanno is a proud, young Phoenician of sixteen, who lives in Cadiz, known as the white city, in 400 BCE. Hanno is dreaming of far travels by boat. Named after Hanno the navigator, this proud grandson wants to learn al about trading from his uncle Hannibal.

All for Ramutha’s beautiful eyes – V7

Let’s see what Ramutha from Velzna (Orvieto today), the Etruscan city north of Rome 150 BCE has to tell us. This beautiful woman is unhappy with her husband being only a humble merchant. She wants him to be rich and powerful and uses her charms to get him there! 

Titus the Lame – V8

Herculaneum, Italy, 86 BCE. Titus, a legionnaire, was living in a small villa in the countryside and spent his well-earned retirement in the company of his wife Flavia. Loving food and telling the stories of his battlements in war, they like to spend time with friends. 

Marcus Vitellus and the wall- V9

Marcus Vitellus is on a big mission in Aventicum, Switzerland, 73 CE. The magistrates of Aventicum (Avenches, in the canton of Vaud) gave him a big order, and now he has to figure out how to construct an immense wall around the town.

Sergio and the spy – V10

In 1390, Florence was a splendid city and probably the most powerful in Italy. Many families had made their fortune there in the wool and textile trades. Meet young Sergio, who belonged to one of these families. A hard worker and keen to learn, he falls in the trap of a spy.

Nicolas Barbon reaps the benefits – V11

After the Great Fire of London, 1666 CE, Nicolas Barbon a young man has a brilliant idea to rebuild the town and help his citizens. This is the story about someone, who is today considered to be of the first proponents of the free market.

Edward Lloyd’s Last Day – V12

We’re in London, 1713 CE. Edward Lloyd spends one of his last days. Creator of Lloyd’s Coffee Shop; a warm and hospitable place, that welcomed sailors, ship captains and merchants, it’s also the place where Lloyd had the idea of creating the very first insurance exchange.