The Idea and Founder

Meet the founder, the creator and the man behind with the idea, Pierre Perrenoud

Pierre Perrenoud, a native of Western Switzerland, worked for many years in various positions a leading reinsurance company based in Zurich. Upon his retirement, he joined the board of different insurance and reinsurance companies. He also was a teacher at the Swiss Insurance Training Centre. Pierre travelled and still travels the world and is also very much engaged in music education and culture and art.


“While I travel a lot and meet many kinds of people, I had to explain often to people what I did for a living. Since insurance is considered by the majority as an annoying thing, one day while waiting for the plane at Shanghai airport, I decided to put down on paper some of my stories. Then I spoke to a couple of friends about it, and they encouraged me to develop it into a whole series of tales and a comic strip series. Together with the Art school in Luzern and professional writers, we converted my ideas into historical books and comic strips. “


The authors

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