Paul the Insurer, two booklets

Uncle Paul is an insurance agent, and in these two lovely booklets, he’s explaining Suzanne and Tom everything about the insurance world in a language understandable for kids. Wouldn’t it be great if your children get acknowledge with the world of insurance? 

Two easy to read eBooks! The principels of insurance in a fun way and explained in a simple way, for everyone to understand. 


Paul the Insurer

Paul is an insurance agent. He lives in Switzerland, and as many Swiss citizens enjoy very often the beautiful nature of the mountains. His niece Suzanne and his nephew Tom are fond of staying with Paul. It’s a lot of fun, they make stunning walks, enjoy the lake and typical swiss food like the cheese fondue and the chocolate. But they don’t understand what kind of job Uncle Paul has. They ask him hundred’s of questions! Paul has easily understandable answers and helps them to get acknowledged with the basics of insurance.

 The Market as Big as the World

 Paul has taken Suzanne and Tom to the best creperie in town. They sure fancy a chocolate banana with whipped cream pancake! It inspires Tom to ask more questions to Uncle Tom, in particular about matters concerning with the market place.