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Legendary Historical Tales; the story of risk and insurance from the cave age to the XVIII century on video!
V01 – Risky and the bearskin
V02 – Chen the potter and the mothers of Daxi
V03 – Abban learns the law
V04 – Anty the scribe wants peace
V05 – Demetrios, Aristophanes and the wasps
V06 – Hanno’s voyage
V07 – All for Ramutha’s beautiful eyes
V08 – The tranquil retirement of Titus the Lame
V09 – Marcus Vitellus has his back to the wall
V10 – Sergio and the spy
V11 – Nicolas Barbon reaps the benefits
V12 – Edward Lloyd’s Last Day


The Legendary historical Tales available on video! Highway robbers, fires, storms, battles, pirates, but also ingenuity, solidarity, comradeship: an apprenticeship of the notion of risk and insurance through the ages starting in the Prehistory in China to Old Rome and Herculaneum in Italy, Babylon Egypt, the Phoenicians in Cadiz, to Aventicum in Switzerland and the great fire of 1666 in London. 


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