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Historical insurance tales,  twelve tales tell the story of risk and insurance from the cave age to the XVIII century.
V01 – Risky and the bearskin
V02 – Chen the potter and the mothers of Daxi
V03 – Abban learns the law
V04 – Anty the scribe wants peace
V05 – Demetrios, Aristophanes and the wasps
V06 – Hanno’s voyage
V07 – All for Ramutha’s beautiful eyes
V08 – The tranquil retirement of Titus the Lame
V09 – Marcus Vitellus has his back to the wall
V10 – Sergio and the spy
V11 – Nicolas Barbon reaps the benefits
V12 – Edward Lloyd’s Last Day
Sasha’s Investigations – Comic Strips – 5 Episodes
E1 – Sasha touches wood
E2 – A rollercoaster ride for Sasha
E3 – Sasha gets her money’s worth
E4 – Sasha plays with fire
E5 – Sasha sees double

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The Thotbook collection features a series of tales, comic strips, technical stories and films, all related to insurance. It shows insurance in an entirely new light. Destined to children between the age of 8 and 15, it will also prove of interest for adults because of its cultural or mystery contents.

Historical Tales, 12 volumes
Sasha’s Invesigations, 5 volumes