Sasha’s Investigations, five detective comic strips

Comics with Sasha, the mysterious detective who specializes in insurance crimes: Five episodes, available as book and videos to be watched on your phone, tablet, or PC.

Meet Sasha, our smart private insurance investigator, entrusted with difficult insurance claims.  Sasha, an American detective, brings us to Switzerland, Mexico, Italy, Paraguay and Colombia. 

Sasha touches wood

In Paraguay, Sasha is after stolen logs on the Paraguay river and at her life’s peril discovers the reason for the logs’ disappearance.

 A rollercoaster ride for Sasha 

Sasha flies to Milan in Italy, to investigate the causes of vehicle thefts and uncovers an original theft method.

Sasha gets her money’s worth

Off to Zurich, in Switzerland, where Sasha almost falls in love with a charming white collar gangster.

Sasha plays with fire

In Mexico, Sasha enters a secret society that worships ancient gods only to find out who the arsonist was.

Sasha sees double

In Colombia, Sasha finds out why a life insurance company has a thriving business in the Llanos and loses money on mysterious deaths.